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Xiaomi introduces its new Mi TV 4S 65 inch 4k Smart Tv

Xiaomi introduces its new Mi TV 4S 65’’ with voice remote control and Android operating system
Xiaomi’s new Mi TV 4S 65’’ comes with the voice remote control technology and runs on the Android operating system. It is set to be available from June.
Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has entered again into the smart TV market with its latest Mi TV 4S 65’’ which it introduced in its today’s launch of new products where the Mi 10 series was also launched. The new smart TV was introduced with a very attractive and competitive price with its launch due in June.
The smart TV has an impressive 65 inches screen with the support of 4K HDR 10+ display and has a strong, beautiful metal-bodied design which gives a very impressive look to the smart TV. It has metal legs for its stand and will come with a wall-mounting option as well. The size of the smart television is 65 inches (165cm). The smart television has a very pleasant look to it with small borders and a big screen and is hoped to appeal to its customers.
This smart television has full 4K support and HDR 10+ image quality which provides very fine and sharp image quality and also beautiful, great visuals. Xiaomi also highlighted it’s the stereo sound quality of the speaker system. It is known that the device supports Dolby Audio but however no mentions were made about the more superior and complicated, Dolby Atmos being present on the device. 
This latest smart television, like other smart televisions available today, works on the Android supporting system and gives access to the Google Play store for its users to access and use all the supported apps that they need, allowing them to use a wide range of players and services. It also supports voice recognition technology and will come with a voice remote which will allow its users to search up for content and programs solely using their voice excluding the need for typing on the remote. The smart TV will come with built-in Chromecast which lets you cast your content easily from other devices.
It will also have three HDMI ports and three USB ports allowing the users to connect to various other devices and accessories. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are also present on the device.
Xiaomi announced that the smart television will be available from June. It will be available in the UK later in the year with a starting price of 549 Euros. It is, however, unknown at what price will the sale be in our country and what price policy will be followed in different regions.
  • 65 inches (165cm) screen with the support of 4K HDR 10+ display 
  • Strong and smooth metal body with the wall-mounting option
  • The stereo-like sound quality of the speaker system with Dolby Audio support
  • The android supporting user interface system
  • Voice recognition technology with voice remote control, built-in Chromecast
  • 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports present
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth present



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