Panasonic oled tv
Panasonic 55 inch transparent OLED TV (photo credit: google)

Panasonic has officially announced the commercial release of a 55-inch transparent OLED display module globally. The sales will start from the start of December and can be avail in Japan and Asia-Oceania markets. These transparent OLED panels will be provided by LG.

In its official announcement, According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, LG said the transparent OLED panels will be used in Panasonic’s 55-inch OLED display modules. While in August, LG displays its world’s first transparent OLED displays for subway train windows in Beijing and the southern Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen.

Panasonic has showcased prototype transparent displays at trade shows and exhibitions around the world since 2016. The new Panasonic product uses a self-illuminating transparent OLED display panel which discards the backlight panel and thus reducing the thickness to less than 1 cm. The ultra-thin display panel offers high transparency and renders high-quality pictures with vivid colors. A dimming unit by Panasonic maintains High contrast and clear images even in an outdoor environment. The product is provided in a modular specification for installation in homes as well as for commercial environments in which Multiple panels can be joined together to display images on a larger screen.


Furthermore, LG Display said transparent OLEDs are gaining interest from transportation customers in the areas of self-driving cars, airplanes, and subways and from various other sectors and hence the display market will grow at 46% annually and is expected to reach US$4.93 billion by 2024.


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