Lg smart tvs
LG smart TV

With the new year, LGs 2018 TV models are having automatic software updates of Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support, which was a much, much necessary update for the Apple users to have this software. Previously, LG had announced the availability of the Apple TV app on its 2018-OLED and Super UHD TVs in September and said that AirPlay 2 and HomeKit will be rolled out soon. And now the rollout has started with the start of the new year.

In July last year, LG brought Apple Airplay 2, HomeKit support to its 2019 range of smart TVs and LG had announced in September that its 2018-smart TV lineup will receive support for the same within this year. The software version is 05.30.02. if you haven’t done so, then you have to check whether it is disabled or enabled and so you have to update manually. This update appears to be coming to users around the world, as per a report by MacRumors.

Apple Airplay 2 and homekit (photo credit: Google)

Apple AirPlay 2 lets iOS and Mac users cast content such as TV shows and movies onto the TV screen from the Apple TV app in up to 4K resolutions. It is also possible to cast Apple Podcasts and Apple Music on the TV. Apple HomeKit, meanwhile, enables users to control their TVs via the Home app or Siri on Apple devices.

LG claims to be the first global TV manufacturer to support HomeKit on its TVs and before that and also in running times, a lot of TVs support Google Cast for screencasting from Android smartphones via the Chrome browser and some TVs support Apple Airplay. Samsung and Sonys smart TV models support the same features.


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