Samsung qled tv
Samsung qled tv

A few days ago, Samsung Electronics announced a new HDR10+ adaptive function. It is an update to the existing original open-source HDR10+ technology. This feature will provide better picture quality according to the available light source.

According to the company, The contents of HDR10+ is viewed better in darkness so to enhance the video quality, the new adaptive feature uses the light sensors of the TV to dynamically optimize the scene accordingly. Furthermore, all contents of the Prime Video available in HDR10+ format can be viewed using HDR10+ technology with compatible TVs.

Difference between Coventional and HDR10+ photo credit: Digital trend

The adaptive feature will also have an additional Filmmaker mode which provides a real-life movie experience. As for the availability, the new feature will be available with the new Q LED TV series, which will be launched in 2021.


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