Sony bravia
Sony bravia TV

On the 31st of December on YouTube, Sony launched a teaser in which the company hinted at the launching of BRAVIA TV at CES 2021 on January 7. As we know the company has shared millions of love in this pandemic by its magnificent TVs around everywhere in the world and had a very prosperous year with few implemented design changes in their A8H and X90 series of TVs, giving people more options when it comes to placing their TVs on a table-top. It gave users two different positions to place the TV and also the much-awaited PS5 internationally with an India release date set for February 2.

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The teaser only reveals the TVs name, but not the features and therefore, the only information is that they are launching a TV on CES 2021 on the 7th of Jan. But, if we speculate the things upside down, then the picture would be clear, the thing is that Sonys TV has one HDMI 2.1 port on the X90, but they will think to upgrade to 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. Considering LG has a large portfolio of HDMI 2.1 enabled TVs, it is likely that Sony has something planned as far as multiple HDMI 2.1 ports are concerned.


While the other contenders are looking for a revolution in 2021, LG is betting big on Micro LED with its QNED TV, which seems to be the next step in the company’s display tech. When laptops are considered, Asus is all ready to plan the powerful gaming laptop which will boost the feeling of wandering in the game. As we had made an article on it, you can check out on the Home menu and the rest of the things will be clear on CES 2021 on the 7th of January. So stay tuned.


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