Google Pixel A series earbuds

Google pixel buds A series that everyone has been eagerly waiting for now available for pre-order in the US and Canada. One can enjoy the services of the product from 17 June.

Previously as we know Google had launched its new TWS earbuds, pixel buds in 2019. After two years the company has decided to launch the Google pixel A series wireless earbuds as it has updated its TWS earbuds.

Features and Specifications:

Let’s talk about some features of the newly launched pixel buds A series will have a custom design 12mm dynamic drivers which according to the company are capable of providing us clear and natural sound also the users will be provided with the option to focus on load tones in bass boost mode. The adaptive sound feature will allow the user to increase or decrease the volume based on their surroundings. The beamforming mics will allow the user to focus on their voice and reduce outside noise.

Talking about its battery life each bud will offer 5 hours of listening time and up to 2.5 hours of talk time. Where is the charging case each earbud will offer 24 hours of listening time and 12 hours of talk time. According to Google 15 minutes of charge of the earbuds in the charging case will be capable of delivering 3 hours of listening time for 1.5 hours of talk time. The earbuds can be charged by USB type C-charger and for connectivity Bluetooth, 5.0 is also available.



The sensors in Google pixel buds A series are smarter than the previous generation TWS earbuds. Both the earbuds come with capacitive touch sensors for music, calls, Google assistant controls, a single IR proximity sensor for detection to play and pause automatically, and a motion-detecting accelerometer. Additionally, the charging case will come with the hall effect sensor that detects when the charging case is opened or closed.

The users can enjoy the quick hands-free hands free option to get an update about the weather or to get an answer or to change the volume or to have notifications with a simple “Hey Google”. For workout lovers the IPX4 dust and water resistant coating allows them to use the earbuds even during workout and also in the rain.


Talking about the cost of the series of earbuds it will cost $99 which is 7,233 rupees also they are only available for pre-order in the US and Canada. There is no word on when they will arrive in the other parts of the world. One can enjoy the earbuds in the US and Canada from June 17.


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